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Welcome To Megazone Morecambe

Imagine yourself in a Dark Futuristic Wasteland.

Lights flash, smoke swirls, the music pounds. You're armed but you feel vulnerable and you sense movement.

Suddenly a shadow comes to life, a bright red laser beam cuts through the darkness and barely misses your arm.

Your heart pounds as you race for cover...

Why imagine when you can play for real at Megazone Morecambe.


Experience the ultimate laser adventure with the ultimate laser gear.

Looking for something that's FUN and DIFFERENT !

Suitable for all ages from 5 to 55, whatever the weather.



Megazone is the ultimate laser adventure. It sets your pulse racing, sharpens your senses and gives you that mix of excitement and fun that guarantees a great night out.

Book yourself and your friends into a game before going for a meal or a drink and you will have a guaranteed topic of conversation for the rest of the evening.

Megazone gives you the opportunity to escape the mundane chores of life and with a licensed bar there's no shortage of liquid refreshments.

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