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1 Game £5.00
2 Games £8.00
3 Games £10.00

1 Game £4.50
2 Games £7.50
3 Games £9.50

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1 Game £4.00
2 Games £7.00
3 Games £9.00


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The Start of The Game

Before the game starts the players are familiarised with the game rules, which are designed to make the game experience safe for everyone. Then, the players receive the game gear, which includes the game pack and the gun. The coloured lights on the pack and gun indicate what team the player is on and also work as targets. Each team has different colours on the pack and gun, the colours currently in use are red, green and yellow. When the packs are powered, the teams move to their own base stations, where the game begins. We can set up many of the game settings.

Targets and Scoring

When the player shoots someone, a number of points are awarded, depending on where the opponent is hit:

  • Gun: 50
  • Back: 100
  • Chest: 200
  • Shoulders: 50

After the game begins all the teams begin shooting their enemies, aiming into the different targets: chest, back, shoulders and gun. If the player is hit in the chest or back, he/she "dies" for ten seconds, during which time all the lights on his game pack shut down. A dead player can not be shot, nor can he/she shoot anyone.

If the player is hit in either one of the shoulders or the gun, the player is stunned for five seconds. During this time, the player can be shot, but he/she cannot shoot back. Three shots to the shoulders or gun also causes a 10 second death.

When the player is shot, a number of points are deducted: 50, 25 or 12 points, respectively. In addition to this, when a player shoots a team-mate, there is a 50 point deduction regardless of where the team-mate was hit.


In addition to shooting one's enemies, each player's goal is to destroy the enemy base. Each base contains a small (approx. 6*6 cm) box with two blinking red lights. To destroy an enemy base the player must continuously shoot the red lights for approximately five seconds. When the first shot hits the base station, a loud siren will sound, warning nearby players that a base is being destroyed.

When the base is destroyed, the siren turns off and a bright light turns on. In many game modes, the light also starts to blink, which indicates that the base station will soon start shooting nearby players, so camping too near to the base is not recommended. After 30 seconds, the base can again be destroyed. Destroying an enemy base is usually worth 2000 points. If the base station hits a player, he/she "dies" for ten seconds and receives a 250 point deduction. Every player can destroy each of the enemy bases once.

Game Rules

  • Running, jumping and fast moves are forbidden
  • Climbing on or over any obstacles or crawling through holes is forbidden
  • Physical contact another player or his game gear is forbidden
  • A dead player always retreats from the area
  • Following dead players is forbidden
  • The game sensors on the game pack or gun may not be covered
  • All unnecessary swearwords can be left out, it's just a game

A referee watches the game and checks that the rules are followed. If someone is not following the rules, a penalty of 20 seconds or more can be given. The player may also be given a score deduction of 1000 points. In extreme cases, the player can be removed from the game. This causes the player to end the game immediately, and lose all of his/her points.

In general, following the rules assures that everyone can enjoy the game.

End of The Game

When the game ends, all of the game packs and base stations will simultaneously emit a sound effect for three seconds and the guns will cease to function. At this time, the players proceed to the exit. When all of the players have returned their gear, the computer calculates the individual points for all teams and players. A monitor shows each players score and shot accuracy. A more specific score can be viewed from a personal score sheet. The scoresheet contains a large amount of data on the game's passage, including team scores, average scores and personal scores with each shot described: where you hit your enemies, and where you were hit.

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